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Assisting YOUNG stroke victims and their families.


Go Red For Women

American Heart Association Announces BARBIE “B” FOUNDATION as First Ever Local Cause Partner of Michiana Go Red for Women Movement

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2018 Events

South Bend Mardi Gras
Thursday, February 8, 2018

South Bend Go Red For Women (Elkhart County)
February 22, 2018

South Bend Go Red For Women Luncheon (St. Joe)
Thursday, May 10, 2018

South Bend BBQ with Coach Brey
Thursday September 28, 2018

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Life Line Screening

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Midwest HBOT

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The Junior League of South Bend


Stroke Education, Prevention, Advocacy & Rehab

Barb Knutson

"If we can avoid one stroke, save one life or keep one more family in tact it is worth the effort."

The Barbie “B” Foundation was developed for individuals under age 55 and their families. It became clear through Barb’s stroke rehabilitation that this is a drastically underserved population. Most stroke literature and resources are directed to older people that have different needs. This is not to say that our foundation will not support these folks as well, although our primary goal is to address the rehab and education needs of younger stroke victims. These are individuals that are in their thirties, forties and fifties.

On the scale, Barb’s stroke was a nine out of ten. Eighty percent don’t survive her significant level of CVA. This website is to serve as information and outline for young families in need of assistance from an organization that can relate and can provide positive feedback and direction. As you will find, everyone is a bit different with regard to their individual needs for recovery from this life changing event. There are so many levels and types of strokes that you cannot broadly create a rehabilitation program to fit everyone.

Go Red Luncheon

BBF Chairs HBOT Roundtable at IU School of Medicine

July 8th, 2009: The BBF are advocates for mainstreaming this valuable therapy for those in need. Read about our "HBOT Roundtable with IU School of Medicine" and the results of Barb's HBOT Case study.


WNDU Features Barbie B

WNDU VIDEO The local TV station WNDU featured the Barbie B Foundation on the segment Maureen's Medical Moment.

Barb in Vegas

Life After Stroke

Barb dances at her Daughters wedding.
Read More About Barb's Life After A Stroke.

Go Red Luncheon

Go Red Luncheon

May 3rd, 2012 See you at the Go Red Luncheon to be held at the Garden Hilton, South Bend, Indiana.

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  • WNDU VideoWNDU Video
  • Life After Stroke
  • Go Red Luncheon

About The BCenter

The Bcenter is a Global Stroke Resource center created to reach fellow stroke survivors worldwide in need of hope and direction. Our desire is to empower, support and light the path to recovery.


Dr. Siegfried Othmer

DR. SIEGFRIED OTHMER discusses the results of pre post SPECT imagery after Neurofeedback. The work with veterans is being done in connection with the non-profit


HBOT For Stroke

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a noninvasive and painless treatment used for restoring oxygen to tissues that have been damaged by oxygen deprivation.

  • About The B Center
  • Dr. Siegfried Othmer
  • HBOT For Stroke




Spot A Stroke F.A.S.T.

Stroke warning signs and symptoms. Learn more at



Embrel Treatment

Etanercept (Embrel Treatment)

New hope for survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury read the Embrel Press Release (pdf).


American Heart Association Research Funding

The Indiana University School of Medicine right here in South Bend, on the Notre Dame Campus, recieves funding from the American Heart Association.
Barbie-AHA Mission
Health Research Facts
AHA 40 Years Research


Valerie Green : Conquring StroneConquering Stroke Book

Barb met up with Valerie Greene, author of the book Conquering Stroke: How I Fought My Way Back and How You Can Too. Valerie's book is an inspiring, and
eye-opening story that uses her the story of her own recovery to give you the information you need to prevent, recognize, and recover from stroke.

Pick up a copy of Conquering Stroke from